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Six Forms: Search for Power (Prototype)

Six Forms: Search for Power (Prototype)

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Six Froms Story

Play Time: 45-90 Min

Play Age: 12+

Number of Players: 2


The physical product is in alpha format version 35A (a prototype). Because this product is not yet manufactured at scale, the prototype product price reflects the higher cost of materials for low-quantity print runs.

If you wish to get the product at a lower price when it is no longer a prototype, please see our Kickstarter page.

The Game

Go head to head with your friends (or enemies) in this original strategic card game on a board that will test your ability to overcome the odds, the environment, and your opponent.

You can read more about the game on our Six Forms page.

Product Details

Be a part of the early game development process for "Six Forms - Genesis of War".

This product is in alpha format (a prototype). You will receive 110 cards and 32 cubes in total. Here is what is inside: 

  • Radiance Deck: 55 cards with the "White Wizard", "Blackstar Dragon", and "Goddess of War". 
  • Corruption Deck: 55 cards with the "Black Wizard", "Black Wyrm Dragon", and "Kealik".
  • Components: 32 count 12mm black wooden cubes.
  • Dice by Color: 2 pearl, 2 back, and 2 red/white.
  • The rulebook is available for digital download.
  • ~17" by ~17" Playmat is NOT included - unless you buy it separately or bundled.

Game Thematic Story

The prophesied war is at the door. Ingar’s energy, its life, is reduced to almost nothing. The energy left is hoarded to power the armies of Kealik and Healik – whose blood bond was broken 120 years after the dawn of time. Their fathers, Kae and Aiml, who 5873 years ago, betrayed one another on this very day.

As you know, the one who controls the Throne controls everything! Life, times, and space! Waste no time. Build your arsenal, arm your hand, and enter into battle. The war for the Throne and its bestowed title is about to begin!

Ingar is a massive planet three times the size of your own. Advanced and filled with magic, science, and soul; placed upon the infinite canvas of space and time – spiraling down the spine of history.

In this infinite universe, there are six forms: technological, magical, spiritual, celestial, elemental, and natural. There are whispers that a seventh form exists, but only the “Beloved” can take the form by sitting on the Throne. The seventh form is said to be infinite and has the power to step over the “edge” to control all life, space, and time.

Many have tried to find the Throne, but they have disappeared or been ripped from existence. It is told that any who touch the Throne are stretched into nothingness, ripped apart, as their avatars were consumed by the seventh form. Nonetheless, many still seek the Throne. More so now than ever, with the prophesied war nearing, many seek the title of Beloved, namely Kealik, and Healik. After all, Ingar’s energy is withering away, and the Beloved could restore it! Could you be the one?


This game is an original publication and the first game ever produced by Play Bishop LLC.

Print-and-Play Access

To get access to the print-and-play version of the game today, become a Follower on Patron for the Six Forms game.

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