Jena Dees
The simplicity of gathering together in our backyard becomes a part of the nightly family routine during colder months. Mastering the art of fire starting and fire safety has been a good lesson to teach our kids (with adult supervision!). Inviting family and neighbors over to sit and chat has also taught our children the joy of being in community. If its an option, we at Play Bishop encourage you to explore the idea of lighting a backyard bonfire that will spark the creation of memories with your children, extended family, and neighbors. Below are ideas and a game to create a day themed around bonfires!
PlayBishop's Favorite Fireside Game :  Spot it Camping 

Why : 5 mins or less a round.  Fun for everyone from littles to adults.  Portable to backyard or in a duffle packed for a camping trip.
Spot It! Gone Camping - Kremer's Toy And Hobby
PlayBishop's Craft with the Kids - Cardboard S'mores
We did this craft with our 3 year old and he loved it!  We love super simple crafts that require little prep work.  The graham cracker, chocolate bar and marshmallow shapes were cut from cardboard (recycled Amazon box!) and painted.  No template required....just use your imagination! The borders were outlined with Sharpie.  It was a fun and frugal way to pretend play s'mores around the campfire!
PlayBishop's Favorites : Guilty Free S'more Ingredients


Dandies Vegan Marshmallows


Dandies vegan marshmallows are kid approved!  They are delicious and roast perfectly to add to a s'more.


S'moreables Graham Style Crackers, 8 oz at Whole Foods Market


Kinnikinnick S'moreables are sized for a single marshmallow and small piece of chocolate.  Perfectly sized for little hands.  Taste is amazing!  


12-pack Caramel, sea salt + 60% dark chocolate - Endangered Species  Chocolate


All flavors of Endangered Species Chocolate are incredible.  Our favorite flavor is Caramel Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate.

The PlayBishop team hopes these ideas will inspire your next backyard bonfire and create lasting connections with your family!

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