About Play Bishop Games

At Play Bishop games we believe it is plain wrong; too much of our limited time is manipulated by social media into doom-scrolling. Family and friends are what life is really about. So we sell board games for in-person fun, giving you quality time with those you love.

We believe board games pick us up out of the world's stress and into our fun-loving community. So laugh, play, and positively live in a community brought together with Play Bishop games.

What can be more exciting than spending time with family and friends? Get a new board game and call it a game night instead of a social media doomsday.

P.S. Surprise everyone with a game no one has played before to bring out the personality in everyone.

The Play Bishop Story

Play Bishop is located in Greer SC of the USA. We were founded in 2021 during the midst of a pandemic. We sell board games, card games, and used vintage games. We even make our own games.

Kevin Dees, the inventor, and his wife Jena, the creative, sat on their living room coach one day and decided to start a family board game business. The Dees family has long enjoyed kitchen table board games like Catan, Dominion, Nertz, and many other games.

We had a few things in mind when we started Play Bishop:

  1. Give people an alternative to Amazon.
  2. Provide first class customer support.
  3. Grow slowly. We started with ~22 games!
  4. Offer the best pricing possible.
  5. Bring families and friends together in-person.

Customer Reviews

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