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King of Tokyo: 2016 Edition

King of Tokyo: 2016 Edition

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Play Time: 30 Min

Play Age: 8+

Number of Players: 2-6

Publish Year: 2016

Bard Game Geek for King of Tokyo: 2016 Edition

You don't have King of Monster Island yet? So head over to Board Game Arena to get to know HADES, Pagurah, Purple Reign, Megamoth, and Rex Florae, and include them in your King of Tokyo games!

King of Monster Island monsters will be playable for a month! Plenty of time to see how they distribute the slaps!

Note also, for the physical versions of the games, that it is quite possible to play King of Tokyo, King of New York and King of Monster Island with any monster from the King of range.

- Description from the publisher

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