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Six Forms Starter Decks (2) (Prototype)

Six Forms Starter Decks (2) (Prototype)

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Play Time: 45-90 Min

Play Age: 12+

Number of Players: 2

Publish Year: 2023


The physical product is in alpha format version 36A (a prototype). Because this product is not yet manufactured at scale, the prototype product price reflects the higher cost of materials for low-quantity print runs.

If you wish to get the product at a lower price when it is no longer a prototype, please see our Kickstarter page.

The Game

Go head to head with your friends (or enemies) in this original strategic card game on a board that will test your ability to overcome the odds, the environment, and your opponent.

Product Details

Be a part of the early game development process for "Six Forms - A Chess-Style TCG". This product is in alpha format (a prototype). Here is what is inside: 

  • Radiance Deck (72 cards): 55 cards with the "White Wizard", "Blackstar Dragon", and "Goddess of War".  16 "Energy Cube" cards and 1 "Tip" card. 
  • Corruption Deck (72 cards): 55 cards with the "Black Wizard", "Black Wyrm Dragon", and "Kealik". 16 "Energy Cube" cards and 1 "Tip" card.
  • The rulebook is available for digital download.

Recommended Add-On

  • ~18" by ~18" Playmat is NOT included - unless you buy it separately or bundled.


This game is an original publication and the first game ever produced by Play Bishop LLC.

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