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USED GAME: All sales final.

Milton Bradley

Yahtzee 1972 (Used & Opened & Vintage)

Yahtzee 1972 (Used & Opened & Vintage)

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Strict refund & return policy for used games: Vintage and used games are ineligible for refunds and all salaes are final.

Play Time: 15-30 Min

Play Age: 8+

Number of Players: 2-8

Publish Year: 1972

Used and played. Only 1 original score sheet left but there are additional photo-copied sheets.

A vintage 1972 version of Yahtzee that is well-loved. If you love old games and vintage artwork this game has some fun hints of just that.

  • The game is very aged but is still playable.
  • Only 1 original score sheet left.
  • The box is in bad shape.
  • 1 cup.
  • 5 dice (3 are cracked).
  • 1 rule book.
  • 2 pencils.
  • 8 yellow tokens.
  • 8 red tokens.
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